One of the objectives when creating YaSM was to provide a service management process framework which is closely aligned with ISO 20000, the leading service management standard.

ISO 20000 does not prescribe how the requirements are to be fulfilled, so there are many possible ways to achieve compliance. In practice, organizations need to define and implement a set of processes which as a whole fulfill all ISO 20000 requirements.

And this is where YaSM comes into the picture: YaSM consists of a tightly focused set of processes, policies and document templates which provide a solution for every ISO 20000 requirement. Implementing the YaSM processes is thus a straightforward approach for obtaining ISO 20000 certification.

In the YaSM Wiki you will find more information about how the YaSM processes relate to the various sections in the ISO 20000 standard.

And we also offer the "YaSM - ISO 20000 Bridge", an additional component to the YaSM Process Map specifically for organizations that want to get certified against ISO 20000. These templates are a very good starting point if you need to prepare your organization for the ISO 20000 audit (... read more and download screen shots on the YaSM website).


Stefan (YaSM community moderator)