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Now available: YaSM Process Map 2.0

We have just completed a major update of the YaSM Process Map, to bring it in line with the next edition of ISO 20000:2018 that is scheduled for publication in Q4/2018.

A key area where the processes have been enhanced is supplier management. This process is getting more important, as more and more organizations outsource some of their supporting services and processes. The next ISO 20000 contains additional requirements for managing supplier performance and dealing with disputes, so we made appropriate adjustments in the YaSM model.

What's more, the YaSM - ISO 20000 Bridge now includes an Excel table with the full set of requirements in addition to the Visio diagrams (customers asked for this, because they can use the table as a checklist when preparing for the audit).

The complete release notes are available here:

Release notes: YaSM Process Map 2.0

If you are an existing customer, you are eligible for a free update to the YaSM Process Map 2.0.


Stefan (YaSM community moderator)

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