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Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is gaining traction

Enterprise service management (ESM) is commonly understood to be the "application of service management best practice (such as ITIL) beyond its traditional use in IT", and there are ever more signs that this idea is gaining traction.


AXELOs, the owners of ITIL, are promoting the use of ITIL in additional areas.  But the biggest push comes from vendors of service management tools who seek new markets for their products.

As a result, many providers of traditional helpdesk applications and self-service portals advocate the use of their products in areas like customer support in general, facilities, HR, legal, marketing, etc. 


So the choice of tools for enterprise service management is growing, but service providers also need to think about the processes for managing their services. And here YaSM comes into play:


YaSM is less complex than ITIL and other traditional service management frameworks, and with its simple process structure and complete set of process and document templates, it is a very good choice for organizations that want to get started with enterprise service management.


If you would like to learn more about the history of enterprise service management and what it is about, please read on in the YaSM Wiki.


Stefan (YaSM community moderator)

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