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The links in Visio don't work

It happened a few times that I was asked by customers, who had just finished downloading the YaSM Process Map, why "the links in Visio don't work".

It always turned out that the links (say, from a Visio shape to a linked diagram) actually worked as promised, but two points need to be kept in mind:

First, please ensure to extract (unzip) your delivery archive (which comes in ZIP format). In most cases, a double-click on the original archive will open an explorer window that looks like a any other Windows folder, and in which you can open the Visio files. But the ZIP archive was not properly unzipped, which is why the links will not work.

So please, after downloading your delivery archive, unzip it to a folder of your choice.

The second potential problem with links is actually a misunderstanding. In Visio we cannot follow links with a simple click on a shape, as in a browser. Instead, there are two ways of following a link:

  • Click on the shape while holding down the Ctrl key
  • Right-click on the shape, then click on the link in the context menu. 


Stefan (YaSM community moderator)  

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